Neruda Empfehlung Barrio Candela

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

Beginn 21:00 Uhr

Abendkassa: € 5

VVK/Online: € 5

Neruda Empfehlung • Barrio Candela

Sonntag, 25.10.2015 · Ort: Fanialife, U-Bahn Bogen Gürtellinie 22-23 · 1080 Wien

Balam Ajpu: means Jaguar Warrior and represents duality, the opposites that complement each other, masculine and feminine energy. This group is made up of M.C.H.E., Tz’utu Kan, and Dr. Nativo, who crossed paths at Lake Atitlán in the beginning of the Wayeb (Time of No Time, 5 days of the Mayan Calendar) in the synchronization of 12 Sak Bey (Carrier of the Year) in 2010. This project was born in the ancient Oxlajuj Baktun, and continues in the new Jun Baktun, passing between the past and the present.
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