Donnerstag, 04. Oktober 2018

Beginn 20:30 Uhr

Abendkassa: € 8

VVK/Online: €


Einlass 19:30

FATUA is a sound laboratory located in the city of Pasto, capital of the department of Nariño, where the musical tradition of this land is found with new languages ​​and perspectives. Improvisation is the setting for dialogue; it is the way in which music as an inheritance is transformed into an artistic gesture and creative wills
From the tonal to the noise, from tradition to jazz and experimentation, FATUA TRIO is a creative act in permanent development.
As an investigative exercise, it has allowed to create spaces for the encounter with the wisdom and popular tradition that lives in the musical sense and the interpretation of the great masters of peasant and traditional music from Nariño.

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