Orwa Saleh Ensemble

Freitag, 11. Mai 2018

Beginn 20:30 Uhr

Abendkassa: € 10

VVK/Online: € 8

Orwa Saleh Ensemble

Your Soul and mine are blended in one like water and wine are blended in one Whatever touches you it touches me because I am you
“Al Hallaj”

Assembled by the Syrian Oud player and composer Orwa Saleh* , this project is an expression of the new Austrian culture as a home of hope and diversity.
Musicians from Syria, Iran and Austria are greathearted to lead a magical journey into the world of music, words and poems.
The elegant female voice of Basma Jabr telling stories from Syria to Mahan Mirarab's Guitar, who evokes the Persian spirit to put it in the balance of Sebastian Simsa and the deep beautiful sound of Judith Ferstl Bass, surrounded all by the magical Oud that turned this project into a choreographed dance of warm melodies and thoughts.

Raheel 2014, Kiss of life 2015 & Windows to the east 2016 Integrationspreis der Stadt Linz
KATEGORIE II: Preis Amt für Interkulturalität 2014.

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